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Canine Genetic Linkage Map


The canine linkage map is the principal tool for gaining unbiased genetic access to causal pathways underpinning diseases in the dog. Previously published maps have consisted of fewer than 500 markers. The linkage map presented here is comprehensive, and is based on pedigree resources with greater mapping power than the human CEPH.

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Karyotype image adapted from Ensembl

Download: Linkage Map File [xls]

Previous Builds

Build PhaseDateMarkers
Phase 5July 20062488
Phase 4January 2006 v1.21795
January 2006 (CAP Grant)1795
Phase 3December 2005 (v1.1)1417
Phase 2June 2005 - v1.0833
June 2005 (CAP Grant)833
Phase 1January 2005 (PAG)702


M13 Tailed Primer Protocol
PCR Conditions
Thermocycling Program
Post PCR

Linkage Map Statistics

Map BuildSeptember 2008 (Submitted)
Total Markers Mapped3075
Total Genetic Length2085 cM
Average spacing.7 +/- .9 cM
Gaps <= 1 cM74%
Gaps < 5 cM98%
Total DNAs281
Total Avg Inf Meioses201 +/- 91

Marker Information

Primer3 Parameters

Product Size:100-400 bp
Primer Size (min)19
Primer Size (opt)20
Primer Size (max)22
Tm (min)59
Tm (opt)62
Tm (max)64

Comprehensive Microsatellite Markers
For a comprehensive set of 32,135 mined microsatellite markers using the same design parameters as the linkage map loci, see DOGSET
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