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How you can help

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is self-supporting through fees charged for services.  While these funds help cover the basic costs of operating the laboratory, they do not fully support the laboratory’s ongoing research or potential for expansion. With the steadily increasing demand for our forensic testing services and the rapidly expanding wealth of knowledge in forensic genetics, continued research plays a key role in the future success of both the laboratory and the emerging field of veterinary forensic science.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses can help advance the Veterinary Genetics Forensic Laboratory in several ways:

  • making direct donations to support the lab’s work,
  • underwriting all or part of a research project,
  • contributing toward the purchase of essential equipment, or
  • establishing a fund to underwrite specific cases, such as animal cruelty, to help cover costs related to testing and prosecution in jurisdictions without adequate funding.

Direct Donations: Cash contributions are the easiest and most direct way of making a gift:

  • Make checks payable to The Regents of the University of California and include a notation that the gift is to be directed to the Veterinary Genetics Forensic Laboratory.  Mail to:

    Office of the Dean – Development
    School of Veterinary Medicine
    One Shields Ave.
    Davis CA 95616

  • Credit card gifts may be made by calling (530) 752-7024.  Indicate that the gift is to be directed to the Veterinary Genetics Forensic Laboratory.
  • For information about gifts of appreciated securities, please call (530) 752-7024.

For additional information about making a charitable gift, please contact the School of Veterinary Medicine at (530) 752-7024.

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, Tel 530-752-2211, Email VGL