STRand Analysis Software

STRand Analysis Software

Screencapture of STRand software STRand is software developed and used at the University of California, Davis' Veterinary Genetics Lab. It can automate or speed up the analysis of DNA fragment length polymorphism samples run on fluorescence based gels and capillaries. The Veterinary Genetics Lab uses this software to analyze highly multiplexed, short tandem repeat (STR) markers for several species. Currently, three file formats are supported: FSA files (from instruments including ABI 3730, 3700, 3500, 3100, and 310), Gel Collection files (from ABI 377 and 373), and MJ GeneSys Base Station™.

STRand only runs on Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista...)

Questions concerning STRand can be emailed here.

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