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Submit a Case

Submit a Case

Sample Submission Form W-9 Form Canine CODIS Form

Contact the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at (530) 752-2211 or email VGL-Forensics to discuss your case. A sample submission form must accompany each sample. Government agencies can submit a purchase order or a W-9 to be invoiced. Private individuals may pay by cash, check, or credit card at the time of submission.

When handling and shipping samples:

  • Clearly identify all samples with item description, date collected, and person collecting the sample.
  • Dry samples should be maintained at room temperature, kept away from direct sunlight, and stored in a paper envelope or bag.
  • Wet samples should be tightly sealed and kept cool.
  • Liquid samples should be packaged with absorbent material in case of leakage.
  • When shipping refrigerated or frozen samples, triple wrap the item to prevent leakage, and include a cold pack.

We recommend that samples be shipped overnight via FedEx or UPS. The laboratory is closed on weekends; please take this into consideration when shipping your samples.

Package exteriors must be clearly marked “Forensic DNA Testing” to assure proper handling procedures once the samples arrive at the laboratory.

Ship by courier (e.g. FedEx/UPS/DHL) to:

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
Forensic DNA Testing
980 Old Davis Road
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Telephone: 530-752-2211

Please Note: We do not have the facility to store evidence indefinitely. Please provide your FedEx account number on the submission form to expedite sample return. Samples not returned will be destroyed or used for research and teaching.