Feline Coat Color

Feline Coat Color


The modern-day domestic cat displays a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. Classification of these can be confusing sometimes because different registries or associations may name the same phenotype differently. Below is a table of the coat color genes and DNA tests offered by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

Gene Name Symbols Function Wild type
Agouti A, a Non-agouti, aa, cats are solid (self) in color. Tabby patterns are difficult to identify. A
Amber E, e Gradual replacement of eumelanin with phaeomelanin, in Norwegian Forest cats. E
Brown B > b > bl Brown variants have reduced eumelanin and appear brownish in color. b/b and b/bl are chocolate, bl/bl are cinnamon (red). B
Colorpoint Restriction C > cb = cs> c Color controls production of melanin. Temperature sensitive alleles create points and sepia. Complete albinos have been identified. C
Dilution D, d Dilution causes uneven distribution of the pigment in the fur shaft, dilution of all colors. D
White Gloves G, N Birman white gloving pattern N

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For additional information on the genetics of coat color/patterns in cats, please consult the references given below.

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