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Why Test at the VGL

Why Test with the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

Long History as the Expert in Genetic Testing

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) was established in the late 1950s as one of the first animal genetic laboratories and we have been considered the experts for over 60 years. The first genetic testing done in animals was parentage testing using blood protein markers. The VGL pioneered the development of those markers and shared the knowledge we obtained with many other laboratories. In the 1990s the VGL pioneered the development of using DNA markers for parentage testing first in horses and cattle. Since then the laboratory has expanded the number of species tested and expanded the portfolio of tests offered to include diagnostic markers for disease and traits of interest. In the early 2000s, we pioneered the development of animal forensics and were the first lab to be accredited to do forensic testing on animals. We offer DNA tests for over 24 species and offer research-testing services for several others.

Accurate Testing Results

The VGL prides itself on the quality and accuracy of our data! We realize the importance of accurate DNA testing as our clients are utilizing this information to make breeding and management decisions about their animals. Our high standards for accurate data are met by the many quality controls steps that we take all throughout the testing process from sample submission to reporting results. Every report that leaves our laboratory is only released once the sample tested and data generated has passed a series of rigorous tests and analyses.

Part of our Mission is to Support Education

As a unit within the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, part of our mission is to educate. By testing with the VGL, you are supporting efforts to educate the next generation of scientists as well as meet our goals of developing resources and material to educate all interested learners about animal genetics. One way we contribute to education is through the Ann T. Bowling Fellowship that annually supports 1-2 graduate students studying animal genetics.

Part of our Mission is to Support Research

Part of our mission is to significantly contribute to improving animal health, performance, and well-being, through advancing knowledge by conducting and contributing to research. By testing at the VGL you are also contributing to these efforts. As a non-profit organization, our services support research activities for many species. Some of the tests we offer are for mutations either discovered directly at the VGL or in partnership with faculty at UC Davis and around the globe. By testing at the VGL, you can also elect to have your samples used for research purposes.