Sheep with prize ribbon at fair

Fair and Expo Livestock DNA Matching

Cattle being led at a livestock show

Exhibiting your livestock and need DNA verification? The VGL offers fast turnaround genetic marker comparison testing to verify the identity of animals being shown at fairs and expos. Whether you're testing one prize specimen or your whole exhibition herd, the VGL can provide fast, accurate results, helping to maintain fairness and integrity in livestock programs.

Two samples are required per animal, clearly marked “A” (1st sample) “B” (2nd sample).

A bulk submission option is available. These samples must arrive together at the laboratory, must include payment (or indicate to call for payment), and a bulk submission spreadsheet form must have been completed and emailed to the laboratory.

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Submission Instructions Sample Collection Instructions Bulk Sample Submission Form


Commonly tested species include cattle, sheep, swine, and goats. Need to test a different species? Please contact us for information about other tests.