Dr. Elizabeth A. Maga

Dr. Elizabeth MagaThe Maga Laboratory uses applied molecular genetics to study and modify the traits of animals.

Dr. Maga is a faculty member in the Department of Animal Science where she has worked to develop and characterize a line of genetically engineered goats that express human lysozyme in their milk and conduct translational research on the use of the milk to treat and prevent diarrheal illnesses. She also worked with VGL to develop a genetic test for αs1-casein in goats and continues to study the realtionship between αs1-casein genotype and production of milk, fat and protein. Dr. Maga was awarded the Friend of the American Dairy Goat Assocation (ADGA) Award in 2019 for her contributions to the study of goats and goat genetics.

All current and onging research project in the Maga Lab can be found at https://maga.faculty.ucdavis.edu/