Veterinary Doctor Certification (VDC)

Cat microchip check

The Veterinary Doctor Certification option is used to indicate that the cat's ID was verified by microchip and the sample is submitted under the responsibility of a veterinary doctor. Use of this feature is optional and only recommended when required by a registry such as LOOF.

If you wish to submit your test results to LOOF, Veterinary Doctor Certification is required.

  • Select the Veterinary Doctor Certification (VDC) checkbox on the order form.
  • Enter the cat's microchip number on the order form.
  • Take the cat and the sample submission form to your veterinary doctor (veterinarian).
  • Have your veterinary doctor verify the cat's microchip, collect the DNA sample, complete ALL blanks on the VDC section of the submission form, and mail the form and sample to the laboratory.
  • All VDC information must be completed and the sample sent under the responsibility of the veterinary doctor. Failure to correctly complete VDC information, prevents the VGL from testing the sample.
  • VDC information will be printed on DNA test results per LOOF protocol.

Note: The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is not responsible for verifying the validity or accuracy of the VDC information or cat identity.