Cat stretching out

Announcement: VGL’s Cat Ancestry Test will be discontinued as of December 16

The VGL’s cat ancestry test was developed to determine which geographic region a random bred cat has originated from: Western Europe, Egypt, East Mediterranean, Iran/Iraq, Arabian Sea, India, South Asia and East Asia. It was not designed to answer the question, what is the breed composition of my cat? As such, the results that we are scientifically able to provide with this DNA test are not able to answer the question some of our clients have. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the offering of this test effective December 16, 2022.

We will finalize all test reports that are pending but will no longer offer this test.

If you have ordered the test but we haven’t received your sample yet, please either contact our customer service team or send in the sample by December 16th to ensure your requested testing can be completed.