Donkey Coat and Hair Length Panel


Donkeys of different coat colors

This set of genetic tests specific to domestic donkeys evaluates donkey coat colors, coat patterns, and hair length.


$75 per animal

Turnaround time
At least 15 business days
Tests in This Panel

Red Factor (Extension)

The mutation causing red body and red trim (called sorrel, chestnut, or red) in donkeys has been identified in the melanocortin 1 receptor gene and is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. 

No Light Points

Donkeys in several breeds have darker pigment around the muzzle, eye rings, belly, and upper and inner aspects of the legs and are described as having no light points (NLP).

Dominant White and White Spotting

White spotting patterns occur in many donkey breeds and are similar to those of horses in that the amount of white can range from a few white hairs to an animal that is almost completely white. Two variants have been identified in donkeys that contribute to white patterning (W and Wˢ).

Long Hair

Long-haired donkeys produce thick, shaggy coats. Two allele variants inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion have been identified as causing this phenotype.
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