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Cornish Rex Coat


A recessive mutation that causes the curly coat in the Cornish Rex breed has recently been discovered by the Lyons Feline Genetics Research Laboratory at UC Davis. The mutation affects function of a gene crucial for hair formation and maintenance. A scientific manuscript for the publication of the work is under review.

The VGL offers a DNA test for the Cornish Rex mutation. The test is extremely powerful to confirm breed affiliation as Cornish Rex cats are fixed for this mutation. Test results can also be used in outcrossing programs, to help breeders select the carrier cats that could produce curly coat in the next generation.

Procedure for collecting a feline DNA sample

Allow 2-6 business days for results.

Results reported as:

Test Result Cornish Rex Coats
N/N Normal, cat does not have Cornish Rex mutation

Carrier, cat has one copy of Cornish Rex mutation. Breedings between carriers are expected to produce 25% curly coated offspring


Curly coat


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