Operation Recalibration: Temporary Testing Pause July 5-9

June 03, 2021
The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory will briefly pause most genetic testing for a week in July as part of an initiative to address deferred equipment maintenance and to give staff a chance to rest and recuperate from an unusually demanding year.

Collaborative Research at VGL Expands Knowledge of Equine Genome

May 26, 2021
A recent publication co-authored by VGL researchers and other members of the equine genetics research community highlights how collaborative work, including an “adopt-a-tissue” initiative, have allowed researchers to annotate tissue-specific elements of the equine genome.

New Name for Immune-Mediated Myositis (IMM) Test

January 11, 2021
To more accurately reflect the genetic mechanism that underpins both immune-mediated myositis (IMM) and non-exertional rhabdomyolysis, the name of the VGL’s DNA test has been updated from Immune-mediated Myositis (IMM/MYH1) to myosin-heavy chain myopathy (MYHM).

VGL-led Team Identifies Genetic Variant Associated with Distichiasis in Friesians

December 04, 2020
An interdisciplinary team led by VGL Director Dr. Rebecca Bellone identified a genetic variant associated with distichiasis in Friesian horses. This is the first identification of a genetic variant linked to equine distichiasis, an ocular disease characterized by eyelashes that grow from abnormal positions along the edge of the eyelid and often lead to corneal irritation and damage.

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Receives Highest Level of Accreditation

November 06, 2020
The UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory recently achieved the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by the American National Standards Institute National Accreditation Board, the highest level of accreditation available to testing laboratories. According to their website, ANAB is the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in the western hemisphere, with more than 2,500 organizations accredited in approximately 80 countries.

New Dog DNA Test: Cocoa Coat Color

June 30, 2020
The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is excited to announce the launch of a new dog coat color test for a visually distinct brown coat color, known as cocoa, that occurs in French Bulldogs.

New Horse DNA Tests Launched

June 11, 2020
The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory has launched three new horse tests, one of which was researched and developed at the VGL.