Canine DNA Collection with Interdental/Gum Brushes

The dog DNA submission form with instructions and pricing are printed from your computer after signing up for a MyVGL account and placing an order.


Interdental/Gum brush example
  • Purchase interdental/gum brushes found at a pharmacy or drug store in the toothbrush/floss aisle. The G-U-M Proxabrush or Go Be-tweens are one brand of interdental/gum brushes. You can use the brand of interdental/gum brush available in your store. Please make sure they are NOT flavored.

    Note: We require the WIDE interdental/gum brush; the narrow/tight gum brushes will not be accepted.


4 interdental/gum brushes
  • Use 4 interdental/gum brushes per dog.


Dog cheek swabbing for DNA collection
  • Collect the DNA sample by swirling the interdental/gum brush against the cheek of the dog. Wave the brush in the air for 10-20 seconds. If a cap is available, cap the brush.


Brushes in envelope with dog's name
  • After swabbing the cheek and gums, place the 4 brushes into an envelope, seal the envelope, and write the dog’s name on the outside of the envelope.


Washing hands
  • Wash your hands before swabbing the next dog