UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

Disease Panel (5-panel plus) Quarter Horse & related breeds

Allow 3-6 business days for results

Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED)
Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (HERDA)
Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP)
Immune-Mediated Myositis (IMM/MYH1)
Malignant Hyperthermia (MH)
Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM1)

Please note: If testing a horse registered or eligible for registration with AQHA, then it is recommended that you order the AQHA's Five-Panel Genetic Disease Test directly through the registry (Order Form). Not doing so may result in a recording fee assessed by AQHA.

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