Horse Embryo Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

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Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a procedure used to screen embryos recovered after uterine flush to determine sex and genetic traits through DNA testing prior to implantation in the uterus.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a procedure used to screen embryos recovered after uterine flush to determine sex and genetic traits through DNA testing prior to implantation in the uterus. DNA testing of horse embryos prior to implantation allows selection of those embryos that have desired sex, coat color variants, or that are free of known genetic diseases, thus maximizing the outcome of embryo transfer process.

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers DNA tests on horse embryo biopsies for sex, genetic disease (GBED, HERDA, HYPP, Lethal White Overo, Malignant Hypothermia for Quarter Horses and related breeds, or CA for Arabians) and coat color (Red Factor, Agouti, Champagne, Cream, Dun, Pearl, Silver, Lethal White Overo, Gray, Sabino-1, Tobiano, Dominant White W10, Splashed White).

Biopsies are performed on Day-6 or Day-7 blastocysts from which 5-10 trophoblast cells are harvested by suction. Cells are placed at the bottom of a 0.2 ml, thin walled tube in 1-2 microliters of PBS, 2% PVP buffer, or other cell culture medium and frozen. The volume of medium is critical. Liquid in excess of 2 microliters negatively affects the process of whole genome amplification and may result in test failure. Tubes are shipped overnight on ice or dry ice via DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Embryo biopsies are received Monday-Wednesday, with results available within 36 hours.


$110 per embryo for initial processing (includes sex test)
Additional cost for coat color and/or disease tests (see Submission Form for list of available tests and associated costs)
Turnaround Time
Results available within 36 hours
Type of Sample



Crossbred Unknown Akhal Teke American Sport Horse American Sport Pony American Warmblood Andadura Andalusian Appalachian Singlefoot Appaloosa Appendix Arabian Arriador Australian Stock Horse Azteca Baden-Wurttemberg Barockpinto Baroque Pinto Bashkir Curly Bavarian Belgian Belgian Sport Horse Belgian Warmblood Brandenburg British Sport Horse Bucking Horse Burchell's Zebra Caballo Deportivo la Silla Camarillo White Canadian Horse Canadian Warmblood Caspian Horse Chapman's Zebra Chilean Horse Cleveland Bay Clydesdale Connemara Pony Continental Warmblood Costa Rican Paso Horse Cream Draft Criollo Curly Dales Pony Danish Warmblood Deutsches Reitpony Deutsches Sportpferd Donkey, Ass, Burro Draft Cross Dutch Harness Horse Dutch Warmblood Exmoor Pony Falabella Faux Friesian Fell Pony Finnhorse Fire Friesian Frederiksborg French Warmblood "Selle Francais" Friesian Friesian Cross Friesian Sporthorse Georgian Grande German Riding Pony Gotland Pony Grevy's Zebra Gypsian Gypsy Cob Gypsy Vanner Hackney Horse Hackney Pony Haflinger Half Andalusian Half Arabian Half-Marchador Hanoverian Hartmann's Zebra Heck Tarpan Hessen Hibrido Holsteiner Iberian Warmblood Iceland Pony Icelandic Horse Imperial Heritage Horse Sporthorse International Sport Pony Irish Draught Irish Hunter Kallblodstravare Kentucky Mountain Horse Kerry Bog Pony Kiang Kiger Mustang Knabstrupper Kulan Latvian Warmblood Lipizzaner Lusitano Mangalarga Mangalarga Marchador Mexican Sport Horse Miniature Horse Missouri Fox Trotter Mongolian Domestic Horse Morab Morgan Horse Moriesian Moroccan Barb Mountain Pleasure Horse Mule Mustang National Show Horse Newfoundland Pony Nokota North American Trakehner Norwegian Fjord Horse Oldenburg Onager Other Paint Horse Paso Fino Percheron Performance Horse Int'l Peruvian Paso Pinto Polish Warmblood Pony of the Americas Przewalski Pura Raza Española Quarter Horse Racking Horse Rheinland Rheinland Pfaltz-Saar Rocky Mountain Horse Russian Orloff Russian Warmblood Saddlebred Scottish Highland Pony Shetland Pony Shire Shire Crossbred Sillo Argentino Single-Footing Horse Spanish Barb Spanish Heritage Horse Spanish Mustang Spotted Saddle Horse Standardbred Suffolk Punch Swedish Warmblood Tarpan Tennessee Walking Horse Thailand Pony Thoroughbred Trakehner Trocha Trocha y Galope Trote y Galope Turbo Friesian Uruguayan Criollo Virginia Warmblood Warlander Welsh Pony Welsh Pony Weser Ems Ponies Westfalen Wild Horse Zangersheide British Spotted Pony Noriker Ardennes Norwegian Nordland Breton Comtois New Forest Pony Cob Normand Rhenish German Coldblood South German Coldblood Saxon-Thuringian Coldblood
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