Irish Setter + Irish Red & White Setter Health Panel


Irish Setter

This panel bundles together several genetic tests relevant to Irish Setter and Irish Red and White Setter health.

Panel can be purchased on MyVGL. See below for pricing and list of specific tests included in panel.


$130 per animal

Turnaround time
At least 15 business days; may be delayed beyond 15 business days if sample requires additional testing, or a new sample is requested.
Tests in This Panel

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is an inherited neurologic disorder of dogs characterized by gradual muscle wasting and loss of coordination typically beginning in the hind limbs.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in Irish Setters

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is characterized by degeneration of the retina resulting in progressive vision loss leading to total blindness. In Irish Setters and Irish Red and White Setters, dogs with this disease are typically completely blind before two years of age.

Von Willebrand Disease I (vWD Type 1)

Von Willebrand disease I (vWD Type 1), an inherited bleeding disorder, results from a lack or reduced level of a normal blood clotting protein and is characterized by spontaneous hemorrhaging and prolonged bleeding after physical trauma.



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